About Our
Forge Platform

The Forge™ Robotic Platform is the world's first x-by-wire robotic solution. By leveraging proven robotic technology and more than a hundred
skid-steer based attachments, Forge answers the need for a capable and affordable robotic system that can perform a wide
variety of functions across industries. Developers access Forge through the open API, enabling developers to use their most comfortable
robotics coding language and the planned Forge Marketplace will connect developers and end users to buy and sell Forge apps.


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Technical Specs

Vehicle Automation


Version 5.1

By integrated with Forge's CAN system, NAV manages most of the basic vehicle functions such as braking, steering, transmission, boom operation, and implement control.


Acceleration Actuator  Option

Throttle is controlled by an electro-mechanical actuator that applies pressure to the accelerator.

CAN-based Throttle  Option

If the Forge vehicle model natively controls throttle via CAN signals, NAV can electronically control throttle.


HD Motion X Cameras

Video cameras capture the vehicle-view, allowing an operator using remote control, teleoperation, or full autonomy to see and react to terrain and obstacles.


Roof Rack Integrated

Integrated closely with the roof rack, the flashing beacon signals to others in the area that a vehicle is operating in autonomous mode and to maintain caution.

Additional Beacon  Upgrade

Additional flashing beacons improve recognition of vehicles operating in autonomous mode.



Primary GPS

Precision GPS units allows operators to track Forge's position and direction of travel down to cm accuracy.

Secondary GPS  Upgrade

A second GPS unit assists the command and control software in establishing the position and direction a stationary Forge is facing.



Two-way radios link the remote operator with Forge, exporting vehicle and sensor data and importing commands from the operator or command and control software.

Vehicle Safety

Emergency Stop

Base Station

In case of emergency, each Forge is equipped with an onboard and remote emergency stop system that immediately halts all vehicle functions.


Version 3.2  Upgrade

Consists of both sensor and software components that enable an autonomous vehicle to detect and react to approaching obstacles.


3D Laser  Upgrade

Vertically spinning LiDAR sensor that maps a three dimensional space surrounding the autonomous vehicle.

Vision-based Sensor

Dual Radar  Upgrade

The vision-based sensor utilizes stereo vision camera readouts to provide realtime, three-dimensional obstacle detection.

Skid Steer Attachments


Forge leverages more than a hundred universal skid steer attachments to enable fully autonomous tasks such as mowing, spraying, and trenching.