4 Key Considerations for Automating Mining Fleets

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The future of mining lies in autonomy. While mining companies understand autonomous technology is the way forward, there is confusion as to the best practices for transitioning from manned to driverless fleets. ASI has partnered with industry leaders to integrate autonomous solutions and, as a result, gained unique insight into how to successfully deploy this advanced technology. Here are four key considerations to keep in mind in order to pave an effective path toward autonomy.

Interoperability: Currently, there are no common standards or protocols for autonomous systems, leading to a lack of cohesion and suboptimal productivity from automated vehicles. Mobius provides open protocols to allow interoperability between vehicle automation controllers from multiple vendors.

Integration: Mining requires numerous vehicles to execute operations including dozers, blast trucks, drills, haul trucks, loaders, and more. Much of the equipment in a mining fleet and the current systems that support them are built on proprietary technology that is not made to seamlessly integrate with one another. This makes it difficult to transition into full scale autonomy as mining companies spend money on piecemeal projects that don’t work together, leading to decreased efficiency.

Our Mobius software is an OEM agnostic command and control platform for fleet wide traffic management that doesn’t rely on proprietary systems, making it versatile and enabling autonomy across all equipment no matter the manufacturer

Implementation: Implementing full-scale autonomous solutions is impeded by the scope and complexity of such an undertaking. Companies find it difficult to finance and support a broad program, and have concerns about the short-term impact of implementation on productivity. Our technology is scalable, allowing for an incremental approach toward automation that can be expanded, phase by phase, until full autonomy is achieved.

Value Proposition: While driverless vehicle fleets are the future of mining, it’s important that autonomous technology isn’t adopted for technology’s sake. Companies must be able to extract real value from making an investment in these advanced solutions. Using an incremental approach and equipping vehicles with our autonomy kit in a scalable and methodical fashion allows us to demonstrate the value of deploying autonomous technology before further investment is made.

ASI has emerged as a leader in autonomous solutions, and our technology for mining vehicle fleets is specifically developed to improve the safety and productivity of mines. To learn more about our revolutionary solutions and how it can transform your mining operation, visit us online at www.asirobots.com today!