ASI Announces New Version of Mobius Command & Control Software

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Mobius v6.0 road network support connects operation areas with custom road systems, making dispatch and area coordination much simpler and more efficient.


PETERSBORO, UTAH—April 17, 2013. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. announces that Version 6.0 of Mobius™ command & control software has been released. Mobius v6.0 features Windows 7 compatibility fixes, road network support, enhanced vehicle history playback, and simplified vehicle simulator creation.

Mobius is ASI's flagship navigation software for autonomous vehicles and is responsible for a variety of functions, including: vehicle pathway planning, controlling speed and direction of vehicles, and facilitating the cooperation of all vehicles in an autonomous system.

Version 6.0 marks the first major version release of Mobius in 2013 and the first release since ASI switched to an AGILE software development model. "This new version of Mobius represents a lot of work under-the-hood," said Paul Lewis, Director of Software Development at ASI. "With the exception of a few enhancements, the majority of Mobius users won't experience much change from how they normally do things. But from a coding perspective, it's much simpler."

One of the major tasks undertaken by ASI's software development team was to unify the code into a single common architecture.

"We were developing to four separate architectures that were customized to separate markets," said Lewis. "While that method has its benefits, we realized that unification is the best option for our planned enhancements.

"We combined best practices from the four code bases and now have a streamlined architecture that allows us to make rapid changes. This increases our ability to quickly add customer value."