ASI Announces Participation Of Its Chaos™ Robot In Cobra Gold 2009

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LOGAN, UTAH—January 28, 2009. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) announced that its Chaos™High Mobility Robot will be profiled in a series of exercises at Cobra Gold 2009 in Thailand. Cobra Gold involves the United States, Thai, Singaporean, Japanese, and Indonesian militaries, and is meant to improve interoperability, enhance security relationships. It also demonstrates U.S. support for humanitarian and security interests in the Pacific. The Chaos small robot that will be at Cobra Gold was built by ASI for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), which has made it available for the exercise.

Marines will use Chaos to demonstrate a series of scenarios in which robotics will be beneficial. Engineers from ASI will be on-hand to provide support and receive feedback on the Chaos platform from operators. Examples of these scenarios include route security, cordon and search, casualty extraction and logistical supply.

Chaos is designed to access hazardous areas previously accessible only by foot, thereby reducing risk to personnel. It can negotiate extremely rough, steep, and loose terrain with four independent drive tracks that independently change orientation a full 360 degrees. The unique ability to alter its pitch, roll, and yaw enables Chaos to navigate surfaces too uneven for other tracked platforms.

With a high payload capacity and an available manipulator arm with a fifty pound capacity at full reach (72 in), Chaos can perform a variety of functions. Its base weight is low enough that it can be lifted out of a vehicle and deployed by two people. As a JAUS-compatible platform, Chaos allows easy addition of a wide variety of sensors and other robotic payloads. Its simple, modular design affords easy field service, maintenance, and repair.

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