ASI Delivers Guideline Units to Major Defense Contractor

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PETERSBORO, UT—Sept. 30, 2011. ASI delivered (10) Guideline® Robotic Convoy System units for fielding in-theater by a major defense prime contractor. The units will be integrated onto that contractor’s autonomous robotic platform allowing for reliable leader-follower behavior in GPS and RF-denied areas at highway speeds.

Guideline is a very simple and reliable form of vehicle automation. Rather than installing a full sensor-suite with GPS-based navigation, optical or laser obstacle detection and other expensive sensors, the Guideline kit consists of a single sensor box that easily mounts to the front of any vehicle. A spring-loaded Kevlar tether extends from the sensor unit and clips onto any vehicle.

The Guideline-equipped vehicle then follows the leader vehicle, safely tracking the leader’s position and speed.

The unit contains a Kevlar tether on a sensor-equipped spool along with sensors that detect the direction the tether leaves the sensor.

By combining the vector of the tether with the length of tether extended from the sensor, Guideline is able to accurately determine the position and speed of the leader vehicle, and follow the same path. As the lead vehicle accelerates, Guideline will automatically increase the buffer distance between the vehicles.

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