ASI Guideline for Autonomous Convoy: Safe, Simple, Reliable

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Autonomous convoys hold great promise for military applications. Enhanced safety and efficiency can be achieved by eliminating or decreasing the number of human personnel required to transport a convoy.

However, technological difficulties have slowed the implementation of driverless solutions by military departments. To solve these challenges, ASI has developed the Guideline Robotic Convoy, a simple and reliable autonomous convoy solution.


Guideline succeeds where previous autonomous convoy solutions failed because it relies on a physical Kevlar tether and robotic leader-follower sensor to achieve driverless guidance. Other systems use GPS or lasers for navigation, but a GPS satellite signal can be weakened or blocked in different scenarios, stopping a convoy in its tracks.

Dusty conditions or even jamming equipment can interfere with laser-guidance making it unreliable. Guideline performs in all terrains, all weather conditions, and without depending on GPS. The Guideline system is a self-contained unit, which means everything needed to establish a driverless convoy is housed in an easy to install device.

No modifications to the leader vehicle is required and the system integrates with ASI’s Vehicle Automation Kit or any third-party automation appliqué kit. Multiple vehicles can be tethered together to form convoys of any size.


Tether a lead vehicle to a Guideline-equipped follower and start driving. The follower vehicle will mimic the leader’s path with sufficient accuracy for lane-keeping at highway speeds. When the leader accelerates, the follower accelerates; when the leader turns right, the follower turns right at the location where the turn occured.

Reverse, hairpin turns, donut holes — using advanced robotics housed in the Guideline unit, the follower vehicle will perform every maneuver the lead vehicle performs with incredible precision.

In the event of obstructions in tight quarters, the tethered vehicles will plot a safe course around obstacles and continue following the lead vehicle.

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Guideline was specifically engineered for military applications, allowing for unmanned convoy operations.

It’s useful for transporting robotic vehicles on public roads without a trailer, and provides a failsafe “follow me” capability for robotic vehicles. It improves the safety of convoy missions by reducing the number of human personnel who could be targeted by enemy combatants.

The advanced robotics enable operations in GPS-denied, RF-denied, and low-visibility environments, enhancing reliability and efficiency.

Guideline Robotic Convoy is an affordable automation system that provides an easy step into driverless solutions for military applications. It can be used in the field of duty or on a base.

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