ASI’s Chaos™ High Mobility Robot To Be Configured For Persistent Stare Mission

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PETERSBORO, UT—July 21, 2009. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) announced today it has begun a program with SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific to engineer its man-portable Chaos™ High Mobility Robot platform to perform sustained ground surveillance missions (referred to as "persistent stare") as part of SPAWAR’s Man-Portable ISR UGV program. The mission will require the integration of an advanced power system to increase mission duration from hours to days and an advanced sensor suite for both surveillance and autonomous navigation purposes.

ASI will collaborate with engineers at SPAWAR’s Unmanned Systems Branch to configure the platform for the new sub-systems and fabricate an upgraded prototype system. The newly configured Chaos™ is intended to be ready for a demonstration of the new capability at the Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand in February 2010.

Chaos was originally developed with TARDEC’s Robotic Mobility Lab to demonstrate high mobility in a man-portable form factor similar to that of the current MTRS EOD robots.

The platform’s unique mobility, plus its open architecture and easy configuration, made it a good base platform for the persistent surveillance mission. TARDEC is also contributing to this effort.

“At the JGRE conference in March, Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, commanding general of the Army’s III Corps, identified the persistent stare mission as one of the top upcoming applications for robots in combat. Autonomous Solutions is excited about this opportunity to be one of the first to help fill this need,” said Mel Torrie, CEO of ASI.

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