ASI’s Haulage A.I. Module Will Automatically Task Mining Haul Trucks

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The Haulage A.I. tracks and manages multiple vehicles so an operator does not have to.ASI's Haulage A.I. tracks and manages each vehicle in the haulage system and manages the most critical vehicle functions so that workers don't have to.

Anglo American's recent announcement of their partnership with Autonomous Solutions, Inc. to develop robotic haulage solutions highlights a global interest of mining companies in robotics. Vehicle automation helps drive down costs and improve safety; however, as mines begin adopting vehicle automation technologies, they are often met with software or hardware systems that are complex and difficult use. These types of challenges shackle an organization's scalability and make it more difficult to justify the cost of automation.

In contrast, a new module for ASI's Mobius™ command and control software, the Haulage A.I., is designed to be simple to use.

By leveraging advanced algorithms, the Haulage A.I. automatically tasks multiple robotic vehicles, freeing up operators to handle more vehicles or to perform other critical tasks.

While robotic control software may be capable of accomplishing these tasks, a single operator maintaining proper vehicle spacing, managing a queue, and dynamically positioning the loading and dump areas would quickly become overburdened. The Haulage A.I. tracks and tasks each vehicle in the haulage system and manages each of these interaction areas. The burden of plotting dynamic paths, vehicle interactions, and queuing is handled in a hands-off manner by the software system.