Automotive Durability Testing

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Since September of 2011, ASI's automotive customer has put thousands of miles on our vehicle automation kits running the kinds of routes normally driven by human operators to test the durability of new automobile models. This has allowed ASI to prove the reliability of its hardware, software, and controls, as test site operators execute test procedures 24/7.

When you see a durability track like the one pictured (just an example, not affiliated with ASI), it isn’t hard to see how removing human operators from the process would be great!

Drivers are thrown around ruthlessly while they drive at high speeds across such insanely rough surfaces. Test facilities are forced to severely limit the time their drivers are allowed to stay in the vehicle, and even then strain and injury is common.

Removing the human element from the equation is beneficial in several ways. First, since the vehicle automation kit never gets tired or sore, tests can be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Secondly, removing the human element allows for more rigorous and dangerous tests, such as higher speed runs on pot-hole tracks and realistic rollover tests.

Durability Test Track
Durability test tracks are very rough—in most cases, human drivers are limited to abbreviated shifts. Automated vehicles can safely navigate these tracks 24/7.

Thirdly, if a certain driving situation yields interesting results, the robot driver kit can duplicate the exact circumstances that led up to the event, including speed, rpm, gear, steering wheel position, brake and gas pedal position, and location on the track.

In addition to these and other benefits, test facilities using ASI's Nav™ can monitor in real-time how all their tests are proceeding, and ensure that they are carried out to the exact specifications required. ASI's site control software, Mobius™ command & control software, allows multiple vehicles to be controlled and monitored by a single operator at a single location.

Vehicle durability test tracks are used by all major automobile manufacturers. Take a look at some of their facilities across the globe, or read up on durability and safety testing in general.