Autonomous Technology Is Steering A New Agricultural Revolution

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The invention of the tractor in the 19th century unquestionably revolutionized farming. And it wasn’t long before these engine powered vehicles totally replaced animal drawn machines, completely modernizing the entire agriculture industry for centuries to come.

But now, autonomous technology is proving to be a game-changer for the 21st century farmer. Tractors integrated with artificial intelligence and smart hardware are facilitating more efficient, less labor-intensive farming, and totally transforming agriculture processes once again.

A year ago, ASI and CNH Industrial unveiled the autonomous tractor concept, the cabless Case IH Magnum series tractor. This autonomous vehicle has travelled to agriculture trade shows and events around the world, boastfully displaying its cutting-edge technology and assorted features.

ASI, a leader in autonomous technology, is working with CNH Industrial to perfect their autonomous technology which is projected to increase accuracy, improve management of resources, and save on fuel and labor costs. And with continuous innovation and testing, this technology continues to mature and progress for application in the agriculture industry.

In early 2017 AccuGuide for Case IH made its debut. Developed by ASI and CNH Industrial’s Innovation Group, AccuGuide is an automated steering system that utilizes advanced technology to plan end of row turns in the headlands of a field. This technology made an appearance last month at AgQuip 2017 in Australia and the Farm Progress show in Iowa, where it’s host of impressive features turned many heads.

This state of the art system displayed its extraordinary capabilities of achieving year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond; reducing skips and overlaps; and promoting better seed, fertilizer, and chemical inputs management. With AccuGuide, operations become simplified, and hours can be added to the day during critical operating windows.

CNH Industrial and ASI are also collaborating on New Holland Agriculture’s conceptual, New Holland Drive, a driverless tractor concept engineered to perform a wide range of farming tasks. This unmanned vehicle can be remotely monitored, commanded and controlled via a desktop computer or portable tablet interface, giving a single individual the ability to manage one or more tractors with remarkable precision and reliability.

A path-plotting screen reveals the tractor’s progress while another shows a live camera feed, providing the user with multiple, real-time views. And because the New Holland Drive tractor is able to work 24/7, it can achieve superior levels of productivity compared to conventional methods, all while reducing the risks associated with human error.

Autonomous technology is dramatically upending the agriculture industry, boosting operational efficiencies and increasing harvests, all while driving down prices.

ASI is excited to be working with CNH Industrial to pioneer autonomous tractor technology and the mechanization of agricultural tasks, making farm work smarter. To learn more about the future of farming, watch our videos featuring the autonomous tractor at asirobots.com/farming today.