ASI to Help Develop Global Mining Standards

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In our continued leadership innovating autonomous solutions for the mining industry, ASI has become a member of the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG).

GMSG is an international mine operator-driven community that facilitates collaboration across the mining industry to solve common problems and develop standards, guidelines, and best practices.

As a corporate member, ASI has the opportunity to influence current and future initiatives, and shape the future of the global mining industry with respect to autonomy.

GMSG is presently developing an autonomous mining guideline for international use. Implementing autonomous solutions is a high-level priority for operators within the space, but due to the newness and general unfamiliarity with the technology, its integration has proven rather challenging for companies, in particular those that seek to scale up their current autonomous machines only to be frustrated by interoperability issues.

It is the group’s goal to share best practices for autonomous technology implementation in order to drive innovation, facilitate conversations with regional regulators, and optimize both mining safety and production.

For the purpose of creating a homogenous autonomous mining system, CMSG will borrow from the established work of outside industries in order to speed progress.

International protocols will guide manufacturers and tech providers in their innovation and development strategies.

It will also lead to consistency in output and process control so that the industry moves forward in lock-step.

And it’ll allow owners and operators to understand data requirements and standards, while contributing to the work of the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

ASI is committed to engineering autonomous solutions that are interoperable with systems and equipment used all over the world.

As a member of the GMSG, we are in a prime position to establish the guidelines for autonomy, ensuring that our technology is standardized and able to provide maximum interoperability.

We are excited to take part in developing these global protocols.