ASI: Your Trusted Partner in Automated Technology

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The market for robots is booming and primed for further growth. Estimates by the International Federation of Robotics report unit sales of industrial robots grew 15% in 2015, while revenue increased 9% to $11bn.

Consultant firm ABI Research sees sales of industrial robots tripling by 2025. The popularity of robots is driven by their effectiveness in optimizing operations, lowering costs, and improving workplace safety.

Contrary to popular belief, automated machines don’t spell doom and gloom for the human workforce. The adoption of manufacturing robots in high-wage countries is allowing companies to reshore jobs, moving them back from low-wage countries like China, and employing locals back home.

Sportswear giant Adidas announced this year it will produce running shoes in a German factory staffed by robots and 160 new workers. It’s part of an overall trend where companies are investing in “collaborative robots” that are designed to operate alongside human workers.

Firms looking to incorporate automated vehicles into their workforce need look no further than ASI, a world leader in unmanned ground vehicle systems. We’ve developed a robotics platform that’s specifically designed for rapid integration into our partners’ ecosystems. Our robust technology ranges from driver assistance solutions to full, multi-vehicle autonomy.

We can easily automate any vehicle, regardless of manufacturer, using our Vehicle Automation Kit. It can also be leveraged for electronic, by-wire control of vehicles with controls capable of this function. Control functions are delivered via our Mobius software, the industry’s most advanced unmanned command and control system.


Through our Global Partnership Program, we’ve teamed up with OEMs and delivered automated solutions to leading brands including Ford Motor Company, Goodyear Tires, CNH Industrial, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin. Fortune 500 companies and government entities trust us for reliable technologies that prioritize safety above all.

Our industry-leading engineers and researchers can serve as an extension of an existing robotics engineering team, or in lieu of one, in order to create and sustain a company’s competitive advantage. We offer three partnership models to choose from:

COLLABORATION – With innovations in global robotics developing at an exponential rate, stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our engineering. Whether it be for a single project or multi-year initiatives, we’re here to collaborate.

CONTRACT OUTSOURCING – If you have a disruptive idea, we can make it a reality with experts in business strategy, marketing, sales and creative finance to assist in creating liability isolated business entities.

EQUITY OWNERSHIP – Our aim is to find long-term strategic partners for equity positions. We offer creative and flexible ownership opportunities so our partners can secure access to our robotics solutions.

Whatever your current position, ASI is standing by, ready to help your organization reach its automation goals through a trusted partnership. To learn more about integrating ASI technology into your operation, visit ASIrobots.com.