Innovations in AI: World Modeling and What it Means for Autonomous Vehicles

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There’s a large soy farm out in the middle of Kansas whose owner often laughs when anyone suggests that soon he’ll be able to control an entire fleet of self-driving vehicles to do the work for him. In his mind, a vehicle will always require a driver when it comes to working the land.

He says the fields are constantly changing and there are always new obstacles. He thinks a vehicle must be manually controlled to account for the day-to-day changes to complete the job.

This is one of the central issues facing the developers of autonomous vehicles. Environments from industrial farms to mining have always presented a challenge due to the constantly changing surface on which the vehicles operate. How do you create self-driving vehicles that can account for surprise obstacles, changing landscapes, and unpredictable weather?

Rather than settling for semi-autonomous vehicles, which would require human intervention to fine tune the machines for the days exact specifications, ASI’s Research and Development team found a solution. The answer, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), is known as World Modeling.

World Modeling allows a fleet of vehicles to interact with each other in real time to create a clear and precise view of the terrain on which they operate. Through machine learning, which is the capability of machines to adjust their decision based off past experience, ASI has been able to design and implement AI algorithms that build a picture of the world through the sensors built into the autonomous vehicles.

This model is simultaneously created and shared by the entire fleet, as well as stored in a database so that it can be accessed at any time. The task of getting from one point to another suddenly becomes a whole lot simpler when the vehicle can automatically fine tune itself for the day’s specific conditions and obstacles. This detail-oriented approach results in not only a more efficient work site, but one that is far safer for both the vehicles and the workers themselves.

Through their innovative use of AI and machine learning, ASI has made itself a world leader in vehicle automation. With their algorithms designed to give vehicles and fleets abilities like world modeling, they are allowing key industries like mining and agriculture to become not only more productive than ever, but safer as well. You can learn more about how ASI is furthering AI and machine learning by visiting our research page.