ASI goes global by attending their first internationally hosted tradeshow, the Automotive Testing Expo 2013 Korea. Eric Budd, Sales Manager for ASI's automotive division, flew half way around the world to join 114 other exhibitors at the first Automotive Testing Expo held in Seoul, Korea. The show was well-received with more than 4000 attendees eager to see the newest and most innovative technologies.

"There were lots of smiles and head nods," Budd said of the attendees that visited the PGA booth (#7027).

"They liked the technology that we have and were excited with the prospects. Several people brought their colleagues back later to show them what we could do. It's great to see that we have that kind of impact on the industry."

ASI's key product offering at the Korea show was the universal Nav™, a set of robotic components that can automate most consumer vehicle models. The kit is durable enough to withstand a constant beating from durability or rollover testing and uses standardized components and sensors to eliminate much of the cost of engineering.

The implications of a lower-cost, reliable autonomy kit were not lost on the attendees in Seoul, and Eric saw a steady flow of visits from automotive and construction OEMs, private proving grounds, government agencies, and automotive suppliers.

One challenge of selling in a global marketplace is the language barrier. "You can't just count on people knowing English," said Budd. "More than half of the people coming by our booth spoke no English at all. It was something we were semi-counting on, and we brought brochures printed in Korean, but it was still difficult to communicate what we do."

Despite the language challenges, PGA was well-received, and the show was a success. "We had a lot of excitement surrounding our booth," said Budd. "People all over the world recognize how beneficial vehicle automation technology can be to their industries, and that was reflective of the people we had come by and visit with us."

ASI now looks forward to two back-to-back shows in June: the Automotive Testing Expo 2013 Europe, hosted in Stuttgart, Germany; and the AUVSI Driverless Car Summit in Detroit, Michigan.