Chaos Charming Enthusiasts in IEEE ROBOTS iPad App

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Chaos High Mobility Robot
The Chaos™ High Mobility Robot is one of nearly 150 other robots featured in the IEEE ROBOTS app after the July 15th update. Chaos' unique design and powerful capabilities have captured attention of robotics enthusiasts all over the world.

The Chaos™ high mobility robot is once again in the spotlight, this time as part of an iPad app for robot enthusiasts developed by the Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The ROBOTS app, heralded as a "gift from heaven" by Mashable's Lance Ulanoff, features nearly 150 of the world's most well known, most unique, and sometimes most bizarre robots. Chaos was included in the app's July 15th update, and is sure to charm robot lovers.

Chaos was originally developed for the US military as an answer to the harsh terrain Soldiers often face in the field. Other robotic platforms do very well in flat areas, but have difficulty when transitioning to wooded or rocky terrains.

Chaos' independently rotating track arms enable it to overcome obstacles that would bog down other platforms, giving it a sense of "swimming" over the landscape.

Chaos' rugged aluminum cast body is designed to take a lot of punishment from the environment while protecting the internal robotics and battery compartments.

While its family roots are similar to other tracked bomb disposal robots (like PackBot and Talon), Chaos' highly versatile nature makes it useful for other applications like troop support, search and rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance, and even wounded Soldier extraction.

For those interested in learning more about the current state of robotics, we highly encourage that you download the ROBOTS app, currently $0.99 in the Apple iTunes Store. The app features a description, technical specs, photos, videos, and even some interactive elements that allow you to rate robots, and compare them with other robots in the app. Find Chaos and let us know what you think!