Farming Technologies of the Future

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ASI's Forge rolls through a vineyard in CaliforniaASI's Forge robotic platform rolls through a vineyard in California. Forge's narrow build and powerful pulling capacity make it an ideal technology of the future for specialty crops applications.

Over the past several months, we've had a variety of discussions and site visits with farming groups. From these conversations, we've identified several key challenges that most growers now face.

ASI is working to redefine the term "precision agriculture"

Some of these challenges are more geographical, like the severe drought conditions in the Central Valley of California; and some challenges are felt by all, like labor shortages and lower crop margins. Bottom line, the future of agriculture is changing and will continue to change over the next two decades.

Where are we right now?

As growers face the challenges of modern farming, they are turning to technology as a remedy. We saw a variety of new products and features at the World Ag Expo 2014 in February 2014, demonstrating how companies are focusing on advancing existing technologies like "precision farming." Recent political priorities have caused many government opportunities to dry up for US military contractors, causing them to look for other applications for their products.

In just the past two years, we've seen a substantial increase in the use of aerial drones in farming.