The Future of Autonomy with Mobius Technology

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ASI is working on things that no one else is doing today—taking existing vehicles and converting them to autonomous. We can use the same basic kit on a lot of different vehicles: mining equipment, agriculture vehicles, and everything in between.

This makes it possible to reduce driver exposure to hazardous conditions. After all, a robot can’t get a back or neck injury.

The Mobius technology has been developed over the last 17 years to optimize systems, so an operation can get lots of vehicles working together. One person can control 50 vehicles, and the Mobius technology keeps them from hitting each other and enables them to run constantly for 24 hours.

Projects that were never financially viable now become a possibility under an autonomous operation. The ASI system can also interface with vehicles that are not autonomous, which gives operators the ability to work in a mixed traffic environment.

Putting the robot in a vehicle opens the door for many industries to be more innovative and a lot safer. If you can dream it, there are people at ASI who can do it. To see the game-changing capability of ASI’s solutions in action, enjoy the video.