Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

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This video features a Lego Mindstorms creation patterned after Chaos™ High Mobility Robot.

Another Chaos-like design built using Lego Kinect.

Have you heard of LEGO Mindstorms? If not, you're quickly becoming a minority. The popular brand Mindstorms was created by the Denmark-based LEGO Group, taking its purpose of "[engaging] in the development of children's creativity through playing and learning” to an entirely new level. Developed to cultivate the next generation of engineers—or even to get us older folks in touch with our inner child—Mindstorms uses basic robotic software and specialized LEGO parts to enable anyone to build and test robotic creations of all shapes and sizes.

We were reminded of the flexibility of LEGO Mindstorms and the engineering prowess of its customers when we found a pair of YouTube videos that featured Mindstorm (or LEGO Technic) creations inspired by our Chaos™ High Mobility Robot. Chaos is a unique small robot platform that uses four independently rotating track arms to lift itself over all types of obstacles and terrain including rocks, logs and branches, and snow. Check out the very admirable attempts of these LEGO Mindstorm engineers to recreate Chaos!

As a robotics company, we are on the cutting edge of technology development and application. We see hundreds of forms of robotics finding their way into the mainstream: vehicle automation technologies like those found in our own solutions, fully autonomous consumer vehicles like the Google (and soon to be Lexus and Audi) Car, robotic surgery systems, manufacturing/materials handling robots, classroom robots, and even humanoid robots. We applaud LEGO for providing the tools to develop the next generation of engineers and stirring the creativity in us all.