The Important Difference Between “Spot Assist” and “Auto Spot”

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As automation becomes more prevalent across industries, people are encountering new words and terminology that are associated with the growing technology. Operators at mining companies making their foray into autonomy have no doubt come across the terms “spot assist” and “auto spot.”

While the two may sound similar, each term has its own specific definition which must be understood for operations hoping to make the most out of cutting-edge autonomous solutions.

Spot assist is a manned solution that communicates to the haul truck operator via a tablet. It assists the human driver by audibly and visually signaling where to back up to a shovel for loading. This can improve productivity and safety in potentially dangerous mining scenarios where a wrong move could prove costly.

Auto spot takes spot assist to the next level by removing the driver’s need to manually control the vehicle while in the load zone. Much like cruse control solutions in automobiles, auto spot turns control of the haul truck over to the robotic system.

As a driverless technology, auto spot performs the necessary truck operations with the ability to navigate to a precise spot point and avoid any contact with surrounding vehicles, infrastructure, or obstacles.

It’s important to understand the difference between spot assist and auto spot features before making an investment in autonomous technology. Spot assist is great as a first step into autonomy, giving users familiarity with the capabilities of intelligent software and hardware, while keeping vehicular control in the hands of humans.

ASI’s Mobius platform has been specifically developed to allow scaling up from solutions like Spot Assist to Auto Spot when it makes sense for the operation.

While other firms may offer auto spot capabilities, their system may not offer scaling, meaning the initial investment would have to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up in order to progress to a more autonomous solution. Not so with Mobius.

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