Integration of Mobileye Driver Assist System into ASI Automation Kits

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In recent years, the MobilEye Driver Assist System has been integrated into several car makers products, offering vision-based features such as lane-departure warning, adaptive headlight control, traffic-sign recognition, collision avoidance and collision warning.

The system is able to intelligently detect obstacles in its path, such as pedestrians or other vehicles, and give warnings or take other actions.

MobilEye Driver Assist System
The MobilEye Driver Assist System helps consumer vehicles detect obstacles, particularly humans, in front of the vehicle and react accordingly.

Autonomous Solutions Inc (ASI) will integrate the MobilEye system into current versions of the Nav™ system to make our autonomous vehicles safer and more productive. The Nav onboard computer will enable remote operators to access and leverage data coming from the MobilEye sensor.

The system’s ability to detect and identify obstacles such as pedestrians and other vehicles will allow for easier and safer integration of our autonomous systems with current ongoing manned operations in mining, agriculture, automotive, and other industries.