Autonomous Haulage With Mobius for Mining

Intelligent Tele-Op Increase Productivity with Robotic Slot Dozing

Autonomous Haulage Enhance Your Haul Truck Fleet with Vehicle Automation

Robotic ADT Coordinate ADTs in an Autonomous Haulage System

Robotic Excavators Improve Site Safety with Robotic Excavators

Mobius for Mining

Watch the industry's most advanced unmanned command and control solution in action.

Customize Your Pathway to Autonomy

This interactive model is based on a representative mid-large scale open cast mine operation with typical ratios of mining vehicles and types. Results are generally indicative of expected outcomes, but could vary greatly based on actual conditions and site configuration. Click on the modules below to learn more about your pathway to autonomy.


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Anglo American Logo

Anglo American's Haulage Automation Partner

Anglo American has entered into a multi-year partnership with ASI to deliver enhanced productivity, sustainability, and safety through mining vehicle automation systems for the company's haulage operations.

Autonomous Operational Overview

Customize Your Roadmap for Automation

Mobius has a critical advantage of being able to act as the site FMS or conversely, integrate with most common FMS to receive dispatch information and communicate information with an autonomous fleet.

Mobius software platform is the leader in OEM agnostic command and control of autonomous mining vehicles. Mobius operates at the system level on a dedicated server housed in a site control room. Mobius is connected to each vehicle via an RF Network such as wireless mesh, LTE, or others.

Scalable Solutions For Mining

ASI systems are designed for modular, yet scalable deployment. ASI recognizes the daunting task of automating all aspects of a surface or underground mines in one step. Yet, a piecemeal approach often introduces risk of deploying independent systems which are unable to integrate later into an overall mine system.

ASI leverages its Mobius mine software to allow highly flexible, modular implementations of individual autonomy solutions, all using a common control platform. With Mobius installed as a foundation, mines can implement individual projects that can then scale into larger integrated solutions with the aim of ultimately realizing a fully autonomous, yet integrated mining operation.

What does your mine need?

How it works

Nav is a system of robotic components that installs easily into any vehicle platform, converting it from manual to robotic control. Depending on the unique characteristics of each vehicle, we may use any one or a combination of by-wire, mechanical, and/or hydraulic modules to complete the automation.


Based on the application for the autonomous vehicle a combination of GPS, radios, beacons, and/or cameras will be used to pinpoint its location.

On-Board Computer

ASI’s patented VCU is the on-board computer that manages vehicle functions. It also communicates real-time vehicle status and health to the remote user in Mobius.

Vehicle Control

For by-wire vehicles, no mechanical actuation is needed, as the VCU integrates with vehicle controls directly through the vehicle interface module. Acceleration, braking, and steering use ASI’s control algorithm to improve efficiency, smooth operation, and deal with the unexpected.

Obstacle Detection

An array of sensors detects obstacle information and relay it to the on-board VCU to react quickly and appropriately. These sensed obstacles are then reported to Mobius to be tracked and to notify other autonomous vehicles.

Entire fleet automation

We can work on any mining vehicle from all the major vehicle manufacturers. Here are some of the vehicles we specialize in:



Built for off-road conditions, ADTs are the ideal choice for remote or rugged haulage tasks. Discover how ASI can link multiple ADTs together in a highly productive autonomous haulage system.

Rigid Haul Truck

Rigid Haul Truck

Large, rigid haulers are the backbone of many mine haulage systems. Find out how you can enhance driver capabilities, safety, and productivity through autonomous haul truck technology.



Bulldozers are equipped to perform the most grueling earthmoving tasks. Learn how ASI's autonomous vehicle technology can optimize dozer performance for tasks like area coverage, ripping, and slot dozing.



Excavators are an essential element to most mining and construction operations. With millions of tons of material moved, ASI's robotic excavator technology is proven to enhance safety and productivity.


Commitment to Safety

ASI is dedicated to strengthening safety in the mining industry. Each automation kit delivers multiple layers of hardware, software,and sensor safety features like e-Stop, Safe Are Lockout, and obstacle detection/avoidance. Our sensors add another layer of safety by eliminating driver fatigue, eliminating the dangers of low lighting/poor visibility, increasing consistency, and removing humans from dangerous situations. ASI's commitment and focus on safety throughout all phases of development and deployment help safeguard both personnel and vehicles.

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