Mobius Chosen for Development of UUV-Based Mine Neutralization System

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LOGAN, UT—May 28, 2009. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) today announced it has been awarded a contract to supply its Mobius™ command and control software for the initial development phase of an ONR sponsored project to develop a Buoy-Based Neutralization System (BBNS). In this program, Mobius will be used to command the Archerfish UUV through a JAUS-based interface. The easily configured user interface of Mobius will be adapted for use as a UUV control station.

Primarily used to control UGVs, Mobius’ extensive feature set and open JAUS framework make it easy to adapt for controlling a variety of autonomous vehicle types. Mobius has been used to control unmanned ground target vehicles for the Air Force, multiple haul trucks for open-pit mining operations, and John Deere tractors for agricultural, and military de-mining applications.

In addition to these ground-based applications, Mobius has controlled the REMUS UUV and an unmanned surface vehicle.

Under the BBNS program, engineers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Panama City, Florida, seek to develop a mine neutralization system consisting of the Archerfish UUV deployed from a helicopter-borne buoy at a pre-identified target location. The operator in the helicopter requires a clear, easy-to-use interface to control the vehicle, and locate, identify, and neutralize targets. Mobius will be the interface for the initial development phase of the program.

“What a great opportunity to leverage our years of experience in developing robotic command and control solutions into a new application,” said Mel Torrie, CEO of ASI.

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