New Honda Car Models Use Driverless Vehicle Technologies

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The world is one step closer to fully autonomous vehicle technology in everyday consumer cars. Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies like lane change sensors, collision avoidance systems, and adaptive cruise control are creeping into today's vehicle designs more often.

Most recently, Gizmag's Ben Coxworth reports that Honda's 2014 Fit and Jazz models will sport the City-Brake Active System. Collision avoidance laser/radar units will be mounted in the windshield as part of the system that will detect and warn drivers of approaching hazards in heavy traffic situations.

Laser sensors, like those used in the City-Brake Active System, were among the first technologies adopted by the vehicle robotics industry as a way for vehicles to "see" and react to variables around them. Just a few years ago, these technologies were expensive and bulky; now they are compact and affordable enough to be part of new consumer models.

Collision avoidance and other safety sensors demonstrate the direction auto makers are taking to make driving safer.

According to Coxworth, the new Honda Fit and Jazz models will make their Japanese market debut later this summer, after which Honda will set its eyes on Europe.