New Technology for Managing a Mixed Fleet of Manned & Unmanned Vehicles

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As humans venture further into the waters of autonomy, there are natural concerns regarding how we will interact with advanced robotics and artificial intelligences when occupying the same physical space. Autonomous machines aren’t designed to completely remove the human element from an operation, but rather to reposition or reassign people to areas where they are more useful and less likely to encounter danger. Still, situations will inevitably arise in which operations require both unmanned and manned vehicles in a mixed fleet. In these potentially hazardous environments, maintaining human safety is of paramount importance.

ASI and Remote Tracking Systems, Inc.

To provide optimal supervision of both manned and unmanned assets in a mixed fleet environment, ASI integrated a powerful tracking system designed by Remote Tracking Systems Inc. (RTS) to maximize safety within this space. The optional feature works in concert with ASI’s Mobius command and control software, which provides users with unparalleled supervision of unmanned vehicles. We’ve leveraged technology from RTS, a leading provider of Asset Tracking Solutions, and incorporated their precise real-time tracking innovations into the Mobius platform. The result is a high-performance and cost-effective system for mixed fleet management.

How Does It Work?
Machine and human interactions are made safe and easy with Mobius’ new tracking feature, which allows autonomous vehicles to continue functioning when otherwise, safety parameters would dictate a shut-down so a human could enter an area. The human need only carry a portable radio/GPS-monitored tracking device on his person, or place the device in his vehicle to signal that he has the right of way. Unmanned vehicles will always yield to the manned asset, ensuring human safety. Alternatively, users can set Mobius to automatically pause or completely stop unmanned vehicle activity when in a given proximity of a human or manned asset. The machines will always know the exact location of the manned vehicle or person and make the proper adjustments in the interest of safety.

A Superior Mixed Fleet
ASI has worked in close partnership with RTS to bring the industry’s most advanced tracking technology into the autonomous space, enabling superior mixed fleet operations. This technology is easily deployed to any industry in which ASI operates, with applications in mining, automotive proving grounds, agriculture, construction, and military ecosystems. Now humans can take part in unmanned environments without interfering with operations or posing a risk to safety. To learn more about this groundbreaking innovation, visit our platforms page