New Upgrades Demonstrate ASI’s Commitment to Growth & Innovation

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The most recent building and track upgrades not only provide additional space and functionality for ASI's growing needs, but also reflect the innovative and hi-tech nature of work that happens at ASI.

Just before the first November snowfall, construction crews completed the final touches on improvements to ASI's 100 acre facility in northern Utah. The improvements came as ASI is poised to complete their most successful year to date and are designed to improve capacity for a growing employee base and enhance the capabilities of ASI's testing division.

Indoor Improvements

Due to growing employee needs, ASI found it necessary to expand internally. The expansion included an additional 1700 sq. ft. of office space and conference rooms as well as an advanced command station that provides greatly improved visibility of all outdoor testing tracks and facilities. In addition to the space improvements, IT staff installed fiber connections calculated to improve communication speed and bandwidth.

Outdoor Improvements

Historically, ASI performed autonomous vehicle tests on a single paved track and two unpaved tracks. However, as testing needs increased in 2014, more space became essential. The recent completion of two paved tracks and one unpaved track adds more than 150,000 sq. ft. of testing area. The new tracks will meet the needs of a testing division that recently ramped up to 24 hour continuous testing.

In addition to meeting growing needs, the new updates reflect the hi-tech nature of the work being accomplished by ASI's world-class engineering staff. ASI continues to lead out in the vehicle automation industry and services partners and clients all over the world in the mining, farming, automotive, and government industries. ASI looks forward to an even more successful 2015.