ASI’s Vehicle Automation Kit Shines At OEM Rollover Test

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DETROIT, MICHIGAN—November 7, 2012. A major automotive OEM performed a successful automated rollover test using an Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) Nav™. Many facets of vehicle durability and misuse testing are difficult to accomplish for driver safety reasons, one of those being rollover tests. OEM testers have devised a variety of ways to simulate a vehicle rollover, but most solutions are highly expensive and do not give researchers an authentic rollover scenario to derive data from.

Whether using an automated skid, outriggers, ramps, or slow speed rolls, testers aren't getting what they need to appropriately test vehicles," said Mel Torrie, CEO and co-founder of ASI.

"They're doing the best they can, but for an authentic rollover, you need a driver. It's just too difficult and too dangerous to effectively simulate a rollover and keep a human driver safe at the same time." Torrie explains that Nav has the capability to mimic the movements of a human driver to a degree never before possible. Durability testers can now perform authentic rollover scenarios.

"The beauty of the Nav is that testers can perform rollover tests at very precise speeds and angles," said Torrie. "The rugged design of the Nav protects the unit so testers can also move it from one vehicle to the next and start another round of testing. It makes destructive rollover testing surprisingly repeatable and very affordable."

With the success of this first rollover test, the OEM is now in the process of refitting the Nav to another vehicle for additional testing.

"[The major OEM] is very pleased with the results of this round of rollover testing," said Eric Budd, Sales Manager for ASI. "The implication of this successful test is that researchers will be able to provide more accurate data to manufacturers that will be used to keep consumers safer. This is very exciting! We look forward to more successful tests in the near future."

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