The Role of Mining Vehicle Automation in the Mine of the Future

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Nick Holland, CEO of Gold Fields, one of the world's largest gold mining firms, recently outlined many of the challenges faced by gold producers—as well as by miners of most other resources—and discussed the roadmap Gold Fields intends to take to thrive in today's mining environment. His address took place at the Future Mining Conference 2015 in Sydney Australia, November 4, 2015.

Holland shared that due to challenges in the recent years such as lower grade of ore deposits, significant global price drops, and cost inflation, "shareholder value [has slumped] by 50-80% since 2007." With pressures on global commodities, today's mining industry at large mirrors this trend, though Holland's presentation provided a dramatic window into just how piercing these pressures have been.
"The gold mine of the future has to be set up, structured, and managed differently from how it is today if it is to remain relevant and value-adding to all its stakeholders,"
Holland concluded.

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