USPTO Grants Two New Trademarks to ASI

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PETERSBORO, UT—March 24, 2014. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently confirmed the award and publication of two new trademarks to Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI). Forecast® 3D laser system and Guideline® robotic convoy are now officially recognized trademarks of ASI.

Forecast was primarily developed by ASI as an obstacle detection solution for unmanned vehicles.

Forecast's unique vertical spinning function grants a planar LiDAR sensor the ability to map a three-dimensional space surrounding a vehicle. Software within the unit creates cost map or point cloud outputs and may perform rudimentary obstacle detection tasks. Forecast is a major part of ASI's Vantage obstacle detection and avoidance system and improves safety and precision in mining, farming, and military environments.

ASI created Guideline to overcome challenges faced by GPS-, laser-, or visual-based robotic convoy systems.

Each Guideline unit mounts to the front of an unmanned convoy vehicle and extends a Kevlar tether that clips to a lead vehicle. As the leader moves, sensors in Guideline interpret the movements of the tether into robotic commands that direct the follower vehicle to mimic the exact path of the leader. Guideline is useful for military, mining, and farming environments, and allows unmanned convoys to operate in areas of low visibility, poor weather, and GPS-denied environments.

The official descriptions of these trademarks can be found by searching the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) on the USPTO website.

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