Vehicle Automation Improves Safety and Productivity of Automotive Proving Grounds

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Car companies often boast about the safety of their vehicles. Car collisions remain a too common occurrence, so protecting the passengers inside needs to be a top priority. But how are automotive brands confident their cars and trucks are, in fact, safe? It starts by subjecting the vehicles to rigorous durability and misuse testing on miles of tracks known as proving grounds.

Traditionally, a proving ground is where car makers test automobiles in different scenarios with respect to speed, climate conditions, road conditions (pot holes, loose rubble, etc.), and other driving hazards. Having a human perform these tests can be dangerous, adding risk of injury and the high cost of insurance. It is also inefficient, as humans are not always able to easily perform and repeat the tests to satisfactory levels without multiple attempts.

There are strict regulations regarding how long a person can drive on proving grounds, primarily due to the extreme hazardous conditions that exist on the tracks vehicles are tested on. By replacing the test driver with advanced A.I., car makers can achieve faster, more productive misuse testing that doesn’t put human lives in jeopardy.

ASI’s OEM agnostic Vehicle Automation Kit and intelligent software is able to automate the driving functions of virtually any vehicle (consumer vehicles, tractor, mining equipment), and enhance the safety and productivity of proving grounds. Our technology puts robotic technology in the driver’s seat, and allows a human operator to direct tests from the safety of a computer back at the control center.

The kit is rugged enough to withstand any harsh durability test, and repeat it for as long as a fuel tank will allow. Robotics can also complete actions that are not suitable for humans to execute, such as rollovers, jumps, and other dangerous maneuvers on any road surface including compacted rubble, loose rubble, potholes and ruts, mud, rough grassy field, and more.

In addition to providing better safety, our Vehicle Automation Kit cuts the time that it would take human drivers to complete the same test in half. Automated vehicles do not have to stop for regulated breaks as deemed by law, or to switch drivers due to fatigue. A single operator can command multiple vehicles at the same time to further improve efficiency.

The same operator can program the automobiles to increase or decrease speed at designated parts of the track, if so required by the demands of the test. Since they are precise and less prone to error, automated vehicles yield results that are easily repeatable for the highest levels of integrity.

ASI’s advanced automation technology is trusted by Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Hyundai to conduct tests that are safe and repeatable at their proving grounds. These tests can yield reliable results in half the time, all without putting humans in harm’s way. Our Vehicle Automation Kit is an affordable solution that increases proving ground efficiency and decreases exposure to risk at a value our expensive competitors can’t match. To learn more, visit us today at asirobots.com/automotive.