Video: Mobius for Mining

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One of the three autonomous building blocks, Mobius control software will allow miners to control vehicles from a remote location, improving both safety and productivity.

Most mining companies have a general understanding that autonomous mining technologies will help their operations make improvements in safety and productivity, but when it comes to specifics of how this is accomplished, many remain in the dark. How will our processes change? How will mine safety improve? How will my job get easier?

In effort to help miners understand the capabilities and day-to-day impact of autonomous vehicle technologies, ASI released a video that introduces one of our autonomous building blocks, Mobius control software.

Miners with autonomous haul trucks can leverage Mobius to keep haul trucks continuously tasked in a load/dump cycle, monitor safety concerns and vehicle diagnostics, and manage multiple haul trucks with one operator.

Mobius is designed to be a stand-alone control software or can be coupled with ASI's other building blocks, Nav and Vantage, for a seamless autonomous haulage system.

Watch Mobius for Mining today and learn how you can put your mine at the leading edge.